Fluorescent Adolescent

Okay, so what’s on my mind now, one day after sentenced guilty for my topless protest at Cologne cathedral?

Not much about that, to be honest. The sun shines at his brightest on my new little balcony in Berlin and I’m eating cherries and drink my sweet morning-espresso at 10.30 am.

Is this the retirement of a FEMEN-activist?, I playfully ask myself and smile.

The fine reduced itself from 1200€ to 600€, but not because I’m less guilty, only because they realized I’m much poorer than they thought I was. And that’s true, but that’s okay for now because on this balcony flooded with sunlight I feel like the queen of Berlin. „The tendency to daydreaming“ is what the judge could not spot in me.

Because I was only twenty when I jumped the altar on christmas, they had to check my personality on a few aspects to determine whether I was to be judged like an adult or an adolescent. Being judged as an adolescent has the great advantage that the fine must not be paid with money, which is an attractive thought to me in my current financial situation.

There are a few characteristics that, as appropriate, would lead to criminal law relating to young offenders, among them:

– Insufficient formation of the personality,

– Naive/trustful behavior,

– Live the moment,

– Playful attitude to work,

– Tendency to daydreaming,

– Hang to adventurous activities,

– Imagination into self-worth-increasing roles

Without feeling any sort of shame about it, I can say that the majority of these criteria do apply to myself. As a matter of fact- I would feel sad if they would not.

To discredit these personality features to be exceptionally „especially juvenile“ though, I think, is a big social problem that I see closely linked to corporate depression.

I am 21 now, by law a definite adult, only a few days apart from turning 22 and I can well remember still the first lines I read in the first book I’ve ever read.

It was a book of Erich Kästner that I found in my grandmother’s house one bright summer day like this one here. I was standing on the balcony and watched my mother in the garden, watering the plants with the hosepipe. I read the preface and I found it boring, I wanted to drown myself right into the storyline, I found it boring until I came across these crucial lines: „I take this opportunity to ask you wholeheartedly: Never forget your childhood, you promise me that?“

How astonishing I found it, to read this! Never was I told that before, nor to take any pride in my childhood! And now an old, serious author with wrinkles and a beard asked me not only to never forget my childhood, but to make it a promise!

I took a look at my mother who shot water at the roses. She called me to come down and play with her. And in my mind I secretly gave Kästner that promise.

But the judge saw that differently. And I will have to find a way to come up with 600€. The bill has not been sent yet, but it will be coming within the next few weeks, for sure. They’ll not forget about me, in Cologne.

I already received quite a few kind emails from people who are ready to split the fine with me- and I’m incredibly thankful for that! But I will have to find a way to make it look as if these donations will be used differently- as by law a fine is a fine and must be paid by the criminal. I will let you know, when I receive the letters by court.

In the meantime all there is to say from me:

Be wild, be free. Don’t put your phantasy in a cage but ride on it’s lithesome back through the concrete jungle! And never forget to be happy.

My small text is finished here, and my small sweet espresso is still more full than empty.


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8 thoughts on “Fluorescent Adolescent

  1. Yes!
    Take care of the child and the playfulness in yourself.
    You are the present day
    Madonna – the original one
    Jeanne d’Arc
    Mona Lisa
    Rosa Luxemburg
    in one and the same person!
    Keep it up, we enjoy it so much!

  2. Happy Birthday Josephine. How do I get a few $ / € to you to help celebrate. If you’re willing to share, so am I.

  3. I just turned 50 and Kästners words are essential to life, the longer the more.

    You should do like Ai Wei Wei and put a Paypal payment button on your site for quick and easy donations (the button can be integrated in 5 minutes). I am sure there are lots of people who share many of your opinions and would like to try to help.

  4. Alles gutes zum Geburtstag. I’m glad that you have this Köln thing behind you. I think it is wonderful that you have the resolve to face uncertainty of the consequences of speaking the truth. You are the conscience of a society that has gone to sleep, and let the business elite protect their interests. You are not naive. Don’t be afraid of daydreaming: you will see a better world, or see a way to a better world by doing that. Is it illegal for you to pay the fine, and your friends to pay your rent, groceries, and your other expenses? Warum night? Viel Spaß notch!

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