Hello my dears*!

Welcome to my new site, where from now on you can follow me, my actions, thoughts, poetry, art…..

I’ve already uploaded some pictures and an interview concerning my last confetti action.

Many of you asked me about my break with the FEMEN movement, this and further explanations will be provided for you here.

I’ve also changed my email address to: mail (at) josephine-witt.com – I’m waiting for your mails!

Let’s have a blogging blast, butterflies!

Love and keep up the good fight!



13 thoughts on “Hello my dears*!

  1. You are great! Thanks for standing up and if you need help i have a full list of ECB actions that are dishonest, unfair, criminal, illegal, incompetent and worst of all they show zero compassion for other human beings.

  2. Did your break from Femen have anyhting to do with the fact that most of times their demos look like a bunch of deranged bellowing half-naked dykes who purportedly claim to counteract patriarchalism but, in doing so the way they do, render their protest titillating and mockable?

    I really loved the Confettigate, found it original, funny and much less aggressive than uhm… a femen demo.

    Although I guess now due to the notoriety it is gonna be much more difficult for you to pull off one like that but o boy was it beautiful!


  3. Welcome to Blogging! Good luck. Hope to hear from you soon.. I loved that line of yours at the end of the interview. “SEE YOU SOON”!! It was Scary.. :p

  4. I wonder what is your next action to make the people think about the world the way it is today.
    All the best to Hamburg and i wish we had more of that Super Js kickin our asses.

  5. While I support ending central banks(they are a socialist structure) you are mistaken in opposing austerity. When you spend outside your means you should be forced to pay up.

  6. Job well done to alert people for injustice. You might find it interesting that I wrote a novel about 17-year-old feminist named Petra. She moved from Hamburg to New York City and fight the Banks there. So I find your story very close to her story in my novel. You might want to write a book.Best wishes @giora888 on twitter

  7. I read now u break with Femen,so this will chance ur ways of tour protesta or u will still do that in the same way?

  8. Congratulations Josephine! keep on thet way I will support you . Open also a profile en facebbok 😉

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